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The Fifth Earth is located far away in the Milky Way. It has been colonised and inhabited by humans. Fifty years later, when the Fifth Earth is destroyed by human actions, a ship of the Dykuma race appears. Their purpose was to obtain a few resources from the planet in order to fly further and continue their mysterious mission. Unfortunately, the human race did not want to give up their goods for free and a conflict developed. Hok - the main character, was unhappy with the course of the situation. During his stay on the Fifth Earth, he meets a human woman, whom he helps to find her daughter and solve the mystery of the broken peace agreement with the humans

Fated to Fall

Every hero believes they're the protagonist. But what happens when the lines between good and evil blur, and the consequences of our choices ripple outwards, impacting others in unforeseen ways? Fated to Fall, a captivating dark fantasy one-shot, delves into this very question, serving as a thrilling prequel to the Children of Chaos novel and the Mephisto: His Majesty the Black Eminence comic book. Inspired by the human condition: We all have heroes and villains in our own stories. But what if those lines are less clear than we think? Fated to Fall draws inspiration from the notion that everyone believes they're the protagonist, exploring the intricate web of choices and consequences that shape our destinies, often leading us down unexpected and sometimes tragic paths.

Birth of god

Unveiling the Secrets of the Eclipse: Embark on a captivating prequel within the Eclipse universe with Birth of a God. This one-shot sci-fi drama delves into the past of a powerful race, revealing the extraordinary story of Queen A'lea, her ascent to power in a fiercely patriarchal society, and the birth of a child shrouded in prophecy. Inspired by Myths and Mysteries: Weave your imagination around the captivating lore of the Eclipse universe, drawing inspiration from conspiracy theories that whisper of ancient Nordic gods and hidden forces known as Archons. Witness how these whispers intertwine with Queen A'lea's journey, blurring the lines between myth and reality.

My own Alien

Reimagining the Roswell Myth: Brace yourself for a captivating sci-fi drama that reimagines the Roswell myth with a heartwarming twist. My Own Alien, a one-shot comic, tells the story of a young girl named Anna whose life is forever changed when a Martian ship crashes near her home. Little does she know, an extraordinary encounter awaits, leading her down a path of love, acceptance, and the true meaning of family. Inspired by Webtoon Success: This one-shot is a retelling of a cherished webcomic from 2020 that captivated audiences on the Webtoon platform. We've poured our hearts and souls into crafting a new version that retains the emotional core of the original while offering fresh perspectives and stunning visuals.

MEPHISTO - His Majesty, the Black Eminence

There is a constant struggle for power, influence and politics in bureaucratic Hell, and the old demons constantly have to guard their position. They are informally headed by Mephistopheles, Hell's Master of Pain, who has so far handled every circumstance. Things begin to spiral out of control, however, when the previous Hunter is hospitalized and the Throne Hall hires a new guy as a replacement

Election Echos Love

Love Blossoms in the Midst of Chaos: Dive into Elections, Echoes, Love, a one-shot romance comic that blends the heat of political campaigns with the tender whispers of blossoming affection. Follow the story of Kazuo Sato, a stressed presidential candidate, and Saffron, a skilled masseuse who unexpectedly steals his heart. This captivating story finds its spark in the spirit of Valentine's Day, reminding us that love can blossom even in the most unexpected corners, even amidst the whirlwind of political campaigns. But Elections, Echoes, Love goes beyond the Hallmark holiday. It delves into the complexities of navigating personal desires amidst societal expectations and the pressure of public scrutiny.

Children of Chaos

The war between Hell and Heaven has finally quieted down, but that doesn't mean anyone can feel safe. A dense web of intrigue, violent clashes and power struggles are becoming a daily reality for demons, angels and gods. The situation is heated up by the fact that the Heavens are changing their master in the meantime, and someone below is keeping a close eye on the situation on both sides.


Eclipse is a captivating and thrilling comic book series that has been meticulously crafted since 2014.
Immerse yourself in a vast and dynamic universe filled with a diverse cast of alien races, all struggling to survive amidst the looming threat of hostile enemies and powerful gods. The storyline follows the epic journey of these alien races as they navigate through a dangerous and treacherous universe. So, come and discover the thrilling world today!


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